Different Types of Apartments and Their Advantages

Different Types of Apartments and Their Advantages

When it comes to apartments for rent charlotte nc, things can get pretty confusing. There are so many types of apartments with different features that deciding on one can be very mind boggling. How great it would have been if all apartments were made according to your needs, then you would have no problem in deciding the type of apartment you want to live in. Unfortunately that’s not the case. There are much variations in apartments hence it becomes important that you do thorough research and investigation before you rent one.

Here’s a list of apartments with pros and cons that might help you in making your final decision on the type of apartment that suits your needs.

  1. CONDO:

A condo or Apartments for Rent Charlotte NC is a part of one larger building. And you rent it, while a building needs to be bought. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

If you rent a condo, you need not worry about the repair and maintenance as these costs are covered. What more you can save on your utility bills, as in a condo heat and water bills are not your responsibility. You will not have to worry about the security issues, and the building might have gyms or fitness centers as well.

On the other hand, you might have to compromise on your privacy. It’s highly possible that you have to avoid loud noises, as sound travels through the walls, and even floors. So if a person living in your neighbor apartment likes to listen to really loud music, you will too get to enjoy it, may it be 2 in the morning. Moreover, you will have to face parking issues, if the building lacks proper parking space, and the apartment will be smaller.


Unlike a condo, a townhouse is a proper house connected to other houses. It has a very small garden or backyard, so if you have kids, they will love to play in that small lawn of yours. It’s cheaper as compared to other options available. Also you get to know your neighbors better because the houses are close together. When it comes to maintenance and repair cost, homeowner associations take the responsibility though they do ask for a membership fee on annual bases.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about renovating your house you need to ask the Home Owner Association. Although it has more space than a condo still it’s somewhat limited.


This is a single building where only you live, and you have the right to use the surrounding area of the house as well.  Detached houses can be different in sizes. In a detached house, you have complete privacy. That is because it’s neither attached to any other house, nor is in a building that has many other people living in it. There is more space as well, so if you have a lot of stuff and a larger family than a detached house might be the right option for you.

On the other hand, with more space you have to clean more and manage more. Also, repair and maintenance are your own responsibly. And if you have a lower budget then detached house might not fall in your range.